Kamal Gill


I have almost two decades of experience as a web product engineer, much of it building highly-scalable and fault-tolerant cloud-native applications, primarily on AWS and Google Cloud Platform. I have extensive experience with Python web frameworks (including Django, Flask, and Pyramid) and modern JavaScript frameworks (primarily Angular and VueJS).

I have extensive experience designing, building and integrating JSON-based REST APIs.

I have considerable experience designing web interfaces via wire-frames and prototypes, primarily using Balsamiq Mockups (portfolio samples available upon request), and I have hands-on experience developing the front-end interfaces and back-end (RESTful) APIs to fully implement an application based on the wire-frame and prototype specs.

I have excellent communication and teamwork skills and have also mentored many junior- and senior-level developers on best practices for architectural patterns, security concerns, and user experience matters.

I currently hold AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Developer Associate, and SysOps Administrator certifications, all obtained in March 2017.

My specialties include (in alphabetical order): Angular, AWS, Bootstrap, Boto, CouchDB, CSS, D3, Django, Docker, DynamoDB, Flask, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Google Cloud Platform (esp. App Engine), HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Kubernetes, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Pyramid, Python, Redis, REST APIs, Serverless, SQLAlchemy, SVG, VueJS, Zurb Foundation.


I currently hold the following certifications (obtained in Spring 2017):

  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect - Associate
  • AWS SysOps Administrator

I also achieved Master-level certification status in the Hewlett Packard Technical Career Path (TCP) program in early 2015.
Click here to view my HP TCP nomination paper, which details some of the projects I have worked on and business process improvements I implemented.

Skills and Work Experience

My skills and specialties include Angular, AWS, Bootstrap, Boto, CouchDB, CSS, D3, Django, Flask, Git, Google App Engine, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Mercurial, MySQL, Postgres, Pyramid, Python, REST APIs, SVG, Vue, and Zurb Foundation.

Click here to view my resume (PDF)

Visit my LinkedIn profile to view my skills and work experience.


You can reach me on LinkedIn or by email (kamal at kamalgill dot net)